Hey I am Himanshu Ajmera

Innovation Design Technologist
Python Projects
Python is my favourite language and I have worked on several problems using it. This repo has some of the projects from my beginning days with Python.
My Tableau profile. These dashboards are prepared with public dataset to showcase my tableau work.
As a Software Developer at UCSIM, I worked on different AR/VR based project and utilized Unity proactively. You can check out my work e-portfolio here.
Data Analytics
Our data analysis study is focused on finding the relationships between online publications on social networks and the impact of such publications measured by users' interactions.. This project include Linear and poly regression model implementation using R-programming. The aim of this project is to advice brand about the customer's prefernece for a product using the response of customer on social media.
Information System Prototype
Established communication between different SQL Servers. Soon a prototype will be available to interact and learn how this application works.
Human Computer Interaction
Developed UI for an indoor navigation app keeping in mind the heuristics. Also, performed Nielsen's Heuristics evaluation on college website.
Certifications & Specialization
Certified in Google Cloud's Machine Learning Engine and other important certifications
Conference Papers
Submitted conference papers: Virtual Reality in Healthcare, Knowledge Management in Indian IT.